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Spicy Carribean Jerk Turkey

Updated: May 9, 2022

Our new spin on Turkey. Sure to please all your guests. Don't want turkey? Sub with chicken.

Grab your turkey fryer, big box of oil, injector and spice up your next thanksgving

What You'll Need:

Turkey Fryer or Oven

Canola Oil

A whole Turkey or Chicken. Gutted

Meat Injector

Westside Caribbean Jerk Sauce

Prepare your Turkey 24 hours in advance for maximum flavour.

Defrost your turkey. Once defrosted place in tray suitable for size of bird

Take your meat injector and inject as much Westside Caribbean Jerk sauce into the meat as you can.

*Try your best to use the same hole for multiple injections. This will help hold all your marinade in*

Take extra sauce and hand rub the entire turkey with the marinade also


Preheat Turkey fryer to 450f Keep in mind when inserting Turkey be slow. It will sizzle like crazy. You will also lose about 50-75 degrees. Thats OK as we preheated to such a high heat to compensate for the loss. Place lid on fryer and cook for approx 5 mins per lb.

Once time is reached. Remove turkey let it rest covered in tin foil

Carve and serve. You will be a hit!!!

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