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Westside is a team made up of some amazing hardworking people who have a passion for quality products. We have been crafting our homemade sauces for approximately 5 years now. Our focus is on quality products that are different, we wanted no preservatives and no chemicals in our sauces. We wanted real quality.


It all started in our first restaurant the Altona Hotel. Our customers were getting tired of the same sauces that most restaurants get everywhere. We wanted to provide them with different, quality, homemade sauces. So we started making our own. With feedback from our customers we have been able to perfect our sauces to what our people like. As the popularity of these sauces grew we added another location, Hat Tricks Sports Bar & Grill in Winnipeg, MB. People loved them here too!

At the beginning of the pandemic our founders were presented with a problem, lay off great staff due to the closures, or find a way to keep people going. They chose the latter. We started the process of bottling and producing our sauces to retail to the world.


We are happy to report today that more and more people everyday are trying and liking our sauces and we are now founding over 70 stores in our province and growing.

We are looking forward to what's next!


Our sauce is handcrafted in our Winnipeg Kitchen. We use only the finest ingredients, everything that goes into our sauces is natural and fresh. Our habaneros, peppers, garlic and all ingredients are prepared fresh then ground up and blended perfectly to create our premium craft sauces.

We are proud to say we have no chemicals, artificial flavours or preservatives in our sauces. Only the good stuff. We use local fresh ingredients whenever possible and it shows in the taste.

Each bottle is made by hand with ultimate care going into every small batch sauce we produce. 

Give our sauce a try we know you'll love it!



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